“Principles for Advancing Equity in New York City UPKs” Guiding Questions

1. Discuss each principle of Culturally and Linguistically Responsive, Developmentally-Appropriate Practice and how you think the images provided in the video exemplify each principle:

  1. All children can learn
  2. Young children’s learning is varied
  3. Young children are active and multimodal meaning makers
  4. Young children’s language practices are diverse, fluid, and flexible
  5. Young children’s sociocultural contexts are assets and valuable resources for learning
  6. Young children learn and develop within the context of caring and reciprocal relationships
  7. Young children are critical thinkers and inquirers

2. What other examples can you provide of how these principles can be/are enacted?

3. What changes might you make to your own teaching to embed these principles in your own practice? Give examples.

4. What kinds of resources/supports do you need to make these principles come alive in your classroom/school? Ie., materials, policies, professional development, etc.