“Choice Time and Inquiry in Fanny’s Kindergarten Classroom” Guiding Questions

(Click “Choice Time and Inquiry in Fanny’s Kindergarten Classroom” Guiding Questions to download the pdf version.)

Consider these questions when viewing the videos:

  1. What do think children are learning through choice time and the whole class inquiry as depicted in the video(s)?
  2. Fanny’s classroom has a variety of structures intended to support children’s learning – pre-choice time meeting, choice time, choice time journals, choice time share, wondering questions, other environmental print, transition routines, etc. Reflect on these and discuss how they work.
  3. How does Fanny weave skills and disciplinary learning into choice time and the class inquiry?
  4. Rather than assume the role of “teacher as provider of information,” Fanny both “facilitates children’s learning” and “reflects what children are learning back to them.” Refer to specific examples of how she does this (as seen and discussed in the various videos) to address what impact you think this has on children’s learning.
  5. What examples did you see of how Fanny individualizes/differentiates learning and celebrates the strengths of different learners?
  6. In the “Learning through Play” video, Fanny shares her view of how children learn. What do you think about what she says? How might you do this in your classroom?
  7. In the “Family Involvement” video, Fanny recounts the different ways that she partners with families. How does she utilize families’ cultures, backgrounds, experiences and funds of knowledge to support the children’s learning?
  8. What practices highlighted in these videos might you use in your own teaching? What kinds of supports would you need to teach in these ways?