At-Home Learning Activities

As schools reopen this fall, we at the High Quality Early Learning Project recognize that the disruption of “normal” school due to Covid-19 presents many challenges for everyone involved. In an effort to respond to this crisis and to help to enrich children’s ongoing learning during this unprecedented time, we offer some suggested activities that children can do at home or in school, in many cases without adult direction. These are designed to incorporate skills, knowledge, and understandings from a variety of disciplines (literacy, math, science, social studies, physical education and the arts). Many of the activities can also be extended to address children’s varying stages of development (see “Extra” activities suggested in the various learning experiences).  

Each month we will share sets of learning experiences, each based on a theme. We will post these here on our website. This month the activities center around family and home. We also share a set of math activities put together by our colleagues Patricia Godoy and Marilyn Martinez from Central Park East 1 Elementary School. 

We hope that you find these resources useful. Please send us your thoughts/reactions/suggestions about them and we’d love to see photos of the children’s work!  

We hope that you stay safe and well and strong,

The High Quality Early Learning Project Team