Choice Time and Inquiry in Fanny’s Kindergarten Classroom

These videos offer images of high quality early learning in a Kindergarten classroom at PS 244Q – The Active Learning School, a public school in Flushing, Queens, New York.

Use these guiding questions to help facilitate discussion around this video series.

This video shows the daily choice time in Fanny’s kindergarten classroom and how it supports a whole class inquiry as well as children’s learning in literacy and other disciplinary areas.

Additional short video clips …

Anatomy of an Inquiry:

In this clip, Fanny traces the origins and evolution of the aviation study featured in the full-length video, “Choice Time and Inquiry in Fanny’s Kindergarten Classroom.”  Recounting how one child’s interest in flamingos spurred an inquiry about birds that eventually led to questions about other things that fly, she describes the range of activities experienced by the class.

Choice Time Centers — A Closer Look:

Fanny explains the different centers available during choice time and how they are used to enhance the whole class inquiry as well as individual children’s learning.

Integrating Skills with Inquiry and Choice:

Fanny discusses how she intentionally and purposefully helps children make connections between inquiry, choice time, and disciplinary skills.

Family Involvement:

Fanny describes the many different ways that her school and class partner with families and celebrate their cultural and community assets.

Learning through Play:

The role of play in children’s learning is discussed in this brief clip.