The High Quality Early Learning Project is committed to working for a public education system that truly values and equitably supports children of all racial, cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. We advocate for a public education that offers children and families access to high quality learning at the earliest ages and throughout their education careers; and that provides children with well-prepared teachers and school leaders who look like them and have high expectations for their achievement and futures. We call for an end to the historic disinvestment in human services experienced by communities of color and for full and adequate funding for universal early childhood education and all subsequent years of public education.

The videos we produce and the resources we compile are meant to shine a light on practices that affirm the individual, family and community assets of those from historically minoritized and under-resourced communities; that fortify them against harmful consequences arising from poverty, racism, and all types of discrimination; and that strengthen their developmental potential. We center our images of high quality early learning on Black and brown and urban students, featuring teachers who teach the way children learn – i.e., child-centered, play-based teaching that incorporates knowledge of the science of early learning, is culturally and linguistically responsive, is supportive of social-emotional learning, and is infused with the academic skills children need in order to move forward in the world. Our goal is to support teacher development and the collective striving of our human community toward an emancipatory education for all.