Walking Alongside the Learner: Curriculum in Yvonne’s Pre-K Classroom

These videos offer images of high quality early learning in a Pre-K classroom in a New York City public school — East Harlem’s Central Park East 1 Elementary School.

Use these guiding questions to help facilitate discussion around this video series.

In this video — “Walking Alongside the Learner: Curriculum in Yvonne’s Pre-K Classroom” — veteran teacher Yvonne Smith explains how she supports young children to be thinkers and questioners through active experiences, interdisciplinary connections, and responsiveness to children’s diverse backgrounds, interests, and abilities.

Additional short video clips …

On Intentional Teaching:

In this video, Yvonne explains how the learning of academic skills and knowledge are embedded in and supported by active experiences and interdisciplinary studies.

On Experience:

Yvonne reflects on the joys of her many years of teaching.

On Problem Solving:

Reframing discipline issues as “problems to be solved,” Yvonne emphasizes the critical role of social-emotional development in early childhood classrooms.

On Outcomes:

Referencing graduates of her classroom and school, Yvonne describes the power of teaching that builds on children’s individual strengths while nurturing their interests and intentions.

On Routines:

In this brief clip, Yvonne explains how routines are put in place to support learning.


Listen to the detailed instructions that Yvonne uses to guide children through transitions in their school day.

Snack Time:

Watch here to catch a glimpse of how the children in Yvonne’s class take charge of serving the snack that they prepare each day.